Here are examples of ways we help our members.

Professionally Qualified

Finding the right job or internship while in the United States can be a difficult task. Are you comfortable with networking in America? Do you know about American workplace behavior standards? We help you with all of this and much more.

Meet with a Career Expert

Speak online with a career advisor or business professional to review your resume, practice for interviews, and discuss your career goals.

“My coach really helped me prepare for my job interview. He made me much more confident.“

Yixiao Liang, MBA Finance

Read High Quality Written Guides

Review examples and tips for professional documents like cover letters and business emails.

"I was able to make my resume more attractive to companies by reviewing good examples."

Qian Zhang, Finance

Socially Engaged

You came to the United States with the goal of meeting Americans and experiencing American society. Are you prepared to start a conversation with a classmate? Do you know ways to overcome loneliness and increase your physical and mental wellness? We are the connectors that give you the tools you need to get involved.

Speak English with Americans

Create friendships and practice English with native American speakers.

"I have many American friends who I can spend time with and learn from."

Chuwei Liu, MS in Accounting

The one thing you need to read

Receive a weekly email with job postings, exclusive events to meet members, and current conversation topics.

"“I attend events and activities that help me stay involved in culture and society."

Tao Yang, MS in Accounting

Culturally Aware

Cultural shock is real and many international students experience it. Do you know how to make a doctor’s appointment? Are you familiar with safety and security best practices while living abroad? We are here to help you figure everything out.

Your personal American assistant

Ask Americans questions about anything you need help with like finding an apartment or buying a car.

"I went through many challenges that I would not have been able to solve without FISH."

Tailong Song, MBA Supply Chain

Experts who assist you

Directory of contacts like immigration attorneys and realtors who can use their professional expertise to help you with challenges.

"FISH helped me find the right people to do business with and avoid scams."

Shixun Ma, MBA Finance

Academically Prepared

Academics in America may be very different than what you are used to. Are you prepared to deliver a presentation to a full classroom? How do you establish a relationship with your professors and classmates? We help you understand what is expected of you in the classroom and provide you with techniques to get better grades.

Get feedback on your schoolwork

Receive comments on papers, presentations, and more so that you can submit your best work to the professor.

"My writing skills are much improved because of the guidance and tools FISH provided."

Vincent Wei, MS Accounting

Watch helpful videos

Watch videos online to prepare for the American classroom and learn how to deliver a presentation.

"I learned many new skills through the FISH program."

Yan Guo, MS Accounting


We want to make sure you enjoy learning.

There is tremendous benefit in your commitment to development and improvement - that’s one of the reasons to join FISH Institute. But, we also see the value in providing a fun, interactive learning environment. So, you get to learn and have fun at the same time!

Join FISH Institute now to experience membership benefits and succeed on your journey in the United States.