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Education Essentials


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Access to video courses, written guides, and private community, all made specifically for international students.

  • Video Courses
  • Written Guides
  • Online Skill Builders
  • Private Community
  • FISH Fridays

Personal Assistance


Billed annually

Access to American Advisors and other experts to guide you through living and studying in the United States.

  • Education Essentials Package
  • 12 American Advisor Hours
  • 1 Personal Strategy Session

VIP Experience


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VIP Membership to Full FISH Platform, including a personal advisor and access to exclusive experiences.

  • Personal Assistance Package
  • 34 American Advisor Hours
  • 2 Personal Strategy Sessions
  • Personal Advisor
  • Priority Access
  • Guest Privileges
  • FISH Box
  • FISH Feature

"FISH saves us frustration, time, and money. My time in the United States would not be as good without FISH."

Fan Yang

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Video Courses

Exclusive recorded video classes with experts and leaders addressing the key aspects of being an international student.

Online Skill Builder

Quizzes to increase your knowledge and earn experience points, which give you access to special rewards and experiences.

FISH Fridays

Email newsletters sent to members every Friday with special deals important announcements and featured member profiles.

Personal Strategy Sessions

Online video session to create your individual plan for living and studying in the United States.

Priority Access

Be the first to reserve spots on experience trips and gain access to exclusive experiences, only reserved for top members.


Receive a luxury box with special items based on your preferences and interests, hand-picked by the FISH founders.

Written Guides

Read tips, templates, and samples designed for international, students such as resume samples, tips to rent an apartment, and more.v

Private Community

Exclusive group for members to socialize and meet new people.

American Advisor Hours

Text message or video call with Americans to help with questions and challenges like planning a trip, editing a paper, or buying a car.

Personal Advisor

Work with an American assistant, who understands your unique needs, challenges, and preferences to fully maximize your time in the U.S.

Guest Privileges

Bring a friend to enjoy FISH VIP Experiences.

FISH Feature

Share your story in an interview with the FISH founders that will be published online and the FISH Friday newsletter.


By purchasing a FISH membership level, you are subscribing to our service for one year. You get access to everything within the membership level you select during that year. At the end of the year, you may be automatically renewed depending on your subscription preferences.
We understand why many people would want to receive a free trial or shorter membership terms. However, the nature of our service does not lend to short-term support. To truly experience the benefits of FISH Institute, we believe members need 12 months to experience every aspect of their study abroad experience and how we can help. Our goal is to transform every aspect of your journey, and the only way we can do that is by being a constant friend along the way. Additionally, it is important to note that your subscription includes new content (written guides and courses) continuously added to the website.
Yes, once you purchase a subscription you will be able to buy additional items if you exceed the amount given. However, you can only purchase additional items from your purchased subscription level. For example, advanced members can purchase more academic edits, but cannot purchase professional coaching hours, as this is limited to elite members only.
Our current prices displayed above are not going to last forever. This is introductory pricing reserved for our original members.
We accept a variety of payment methods. We accept nearly all currencies and offer you multiple ways to pay. Feel free to contact us to ensure FISH Institute is right for you before becoming a member. We will deliver on our promises.
Send them our website or have them send us an email. The community is only as strong as the people on it, so we are always open to exploring partnerships that help us fulfill our mission.
We value your feedback and ideas. If you would like to become an official FISH Ambassador or intern, please email us or message us on WeChat.

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