International students want more from their study abroad experience.

We help students achieve their potential in the United States.

What is FISH?

FISH Institute is an elite team of American experts who provide post-acceptance support to international students. We help students develop the skills to receive better grades, prestigious job offers, more friends, and exclusive experiences. Families are spending significant money for the study abroad experience, and FISH ensures that investment is maximized and the student develops.

The Path to Success

Students receive unlimited support from American guides.

Team of experts
ready to help

  • Student Success Managers
  • Job Recruiters
  • Attorneys
  • Language Coaches
  • Mental Health Coaches
  • Career Mentors
  • Real Estate Experts
  • Vehicle Specialists

Student has study
abroad problem

FISH Team guides
student to success

Video Courses
Written Guides
Trusted Experts

How Members Develop

Overcome every challenge you face.


Attain vital job skills and experience in America


Improve presentation, verbal, and written skills


Stay safe, avoid scams, and save time and money


Increase network and enjoy exclusive experiences

What Members Receive

Study Abroad Website

Exclusive Trips and Experiences

Reports for Parents

"FISH helps you with school, work and everything else. They help you live better.

Yixiao Liang

MBA Finance

"FISH is a big family that helps each other and has fun together.

Ingrid Wafo

MBA Accounting

"When you have troubles, let FISH know. FISH is like a friend.

Qianyun Wu

MS Accounting

"International students came to our town and were involved in the community because of FISH.

Pasquale Menna

Mayor @ Red Bank, NJ

"Our international students are happier and more engaged because of FISH.

Joyce Strawser

Dean @ Seton Hall University